Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Daily Studies

So it's time I got this blog started properly. Here is where I'll post studies and practices.
Below is a list of what I think are my main weaknesses and areas that I need to improve upon the most.
1. Lighting
2. Perspective
3. Making images more dynamic
4. Composition
5. Anatomy
6. Learning to loosen up- I get obsessed on painting details.
Basically, I need to go back to basics and learn the fundamentals!

This is the first of many daily studies to come. Painting this one took me way too long and made me realise that I really don't enjoy painting environments any more (which is a shame!), that I'm crazy out of practice, and that I generally suck at them.

Time to get practising! 


  1. I like this too.
    It is aching to have the water animated.

  2. Thanks very much ^^
    Hehe, if I could animate I would do it! I love still images with animated elements :D